National Workshop on “Small Molecule Analysis by API-Mass Spectrometry & NMR Spectroscopy” 21st – 23rd February, 2018  
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National Workshop from 21st – 23rd February, 2018
2nd National Workshop 6 – 8 March 2018
Calendar 2017-18, Workshops in SAIF, CDRI, Lucknow
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National Workshop from 21st – 23rd February, 2018
The proposed workshop will provide an opportunity to experience the state-of-the-art LC-MS, LC-MS/MS and NMR techniques and initiate lively discussion among research scientists, academicians and young researchers to share their knowledge in the frontier areas of chemical sciences. The beginners will get a chance to familiarize themselves with LC-MS and NMR techniques and gain confidence by observing their applications and data interpretation as done in real situation. This Workshop will focus on the structure characterization of small molecules using LC-MS, MS/MS and NMR techniques. Total number of participants will be 20 only and decided on the basis of their area of interest and first come first serve. View Attachment
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